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February 12, 2008
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I've had this problem before but I had to reinstall TVService yesterday so now have a blank EPG I need to update.

The problem is, with Timeshifting on Tuner 1, the EPG grabber doesn't automatically start and clicking Refresh DVB EPG in Server config does nothing. If I stop TV, then the grabber starts automatically on Tuner 1 but I should be able to watch TV whilst it grabs the EPG on tuner 2.

I can only assume the grabber didn't start whilst timeshifting as there's no obvious way to tell, other than by the fact that the EPG showed "No available data" everwhere. I think perhaps because I was watching ITV1 or Ch4 and the grabber's set to grab on BBC1 it didn't start but that shouldn't stop it using tuner 2 to grab instead.

I have got both tuners set to "Grab EPG" and the other settings are correct (Grab whilst Idle or Timeshifting, fill holes, update existing entries, CRC check, Store data only unticked and only BBC One ticked).

As far as I know, it's possible to grab the entire Freeview EPG from any of the channels but I have to only tick BBC One in Server config, as otherwise it does the grab once per channel ticked everytime, which can take hours. If this bug could be fixed, so that I could tick all the channels and it would only do the grab using one of them (whichever one is currently tuned if doing it whilst timeshifting) that would probably sort this out.

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