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January 19, 2011
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Hi guys

since 1.3.0 there is a new check in the configuration menu which checks if some tv server is reachable.
Furthermore always when the ip of the server is empty in the tv configuration it is filled again with the last value.

I'm using ArgusTV at the moment and when I installed this I always cleared the tv configurations ip field because else it could happen the the ArgusTV server could make problems.

My problem is now not that it doesn't work but that on every configuration closing two dialogs popup that my tv server can not be reached and if I want to review the settings.

That is some kind of annoying. ;)

Is there some possibility to switch this check off?


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February 11, 2014
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Hi, I have now got the same issue running MP 1.6.0 after upgrading from MP1.2.2 and was wondering if you got the issues resolved and how did you do it?


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    No, there is no fix for this issue. That's because MePo doesn't see it as an issue. The message which is displayed is correct. The TV Client is enabled but cannot locate the TV server.

    ArgusTV is some kind of 'hack' of the tv client plugin. MePo's official statement is that ArgusTV should fix their hacking and build a decent plugin. The developer of ArgusTV doesn't seem to have time to do so.

    My best bet is just to accept these two extra clicks for closing down the configuration.

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