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November 9, 2007

just installed rC2 ad trying tvclient for the first time.

I get an exption raised window

Error: DatabaseUbnavailableUnclassified
Gentle.Common.GentelException: The Database backend t(provider Sqlserver) could not be reached.
Check the connection string : Server: my server name; Database=MPtvDbrc2; User Id=root;password=pass;charset=utf8.....
Keyword not supported charset=utf8

any idea? (I tried locally as well)

ps; how is tvclient changing channels ?
Is there a way to do it via a webbrowser or? How about using a dreambox to control & see the stream ?


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November 9, 2007
I took the gentle.config from C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server , and copied that one to the mtvclient.

locally it connects now

Timeshifting not : Unable to open 'rtsp://SERVER/stream1.0' as it starts timeshifting, it stops before vlc opens it.

Logs says:
03-08-2008 21:20:49 Stream server: add timeshift mpeg-2 transport stream stream1.0 filename:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\timeshiftbuffer\live1-0.ts.tsbuffer
03-08-2008 21:20:49 ServerMediaSession ctor:stream1.0
03-08-2008 21:20:49 ServerMediaSubsession:ctor
03-08-2008 21:20:50 Stream server: url for stream is rtsp://
03-08-2008 21:20:55 Stream server:confused:tream server: remove stream stream1.0
03-08-2008 21:20:55 RTSPServer::removeServerMediaSession reference count==0, remove session
03-08-2008 21:20:55 ServerMediaSession dtor:stream1.0
03-08-2008 21:20:55 ServerMediaSubsession:dtor

like if the client disconnected.

Remotely windows firewall was blocking it , had to open TCP 3306.

Streaming works remotely ... for about 40secs. Some RC2 issue with TVserver?

ok found franso comments
"It is quite possible that the freeze after 45 seconds using MP TV Client and VLC is not caused by Media Portal tv server or the MP TV client at all, but by the VLC player and/or the Live5555 library it uses to display rtsp streams.

I was triggered by the remarks of Level20peon in another thread about the same bug, that the bug persisted even though he went back to a previous version of the MP TV Client that used to work well and now showed the same behaviour as the new version.

I removed VLC player version 0.8.6i (checked the option to delete the preferences too) and installed VLC player version 0.8.6d. Works like a charm, no more freezing after 45 seconds.

I'll check the network trace to see if there is any difference in the setup of the rtsp session.
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Does not work for me , strange...

Is it possible to issue a telnet to port 31456 to ask to timeshift to a different channel easily ?
Like stream 2

If yes, might be possible to develop some scripting (eg for dreambox) to change channels.

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