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September 4, 2004
Hi everyone,

As a long time SageTV user which recently switched over to the MediaPortal TV Server, I've been using the ExeTunerPlugin for SageTV to control my external cable box. What this plugin does is that it basically allows you to specify an executable to run whenever you change channels. The channel you are changing to is sent as an argument to the executable.

I have a pretty complex setup here at home and I needed this functionality for the MP TV Server as well, and I could not find anything useful on the Internet, so I just wrote my own.

I just finished it this evening and it works really well. If there's any interest, I'm gonna make this plugin available to anyone who might need it and write a small tutorial on how to use it.

If you might find this useful, reply here, send me a PM or contact me through my website, http://haukurhaf.net/contact - whatever floats your boat ;)

Bryan Hunt

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April 28, 2013
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Sounds like I am in the same boat as you. I was a SageTV user, and I also wrote an external channel changing program that worked great with Sage. I have a Motorola DCT2000 connected via USB/Serial cable.

I just tested the program on my new multimedia box, and it still works perfectly.

I thought that MediaPortal would have a simple "run external program to change channel" exit like Sage used to. But it appears that I have to install the IRSS suite first to gain that capability?

If you have written a plugin yourself, perhaps you could guide me through converting my program to being a plugin as well?


Bryan Hunt

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