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May 26, 2005
Is there a possibility creating a plugin or an option in Media Portal, that allows the use of an external TV recording program?

I have unfortunately invested in a software encoding card :cry: (Terratec 400 TV). I would love to use Media Player's recording option and program sceduler to take care of the recordings, but my computer apparently havent got the resources to make a Media Portal recording, without dropping tons of frames.

The only program I've tried that can record TV in good quality, without dropping frames is the WinDVR 3. It would have been nice if MP had a similar feature like in DVD playback, that I could choose recording software my self. But there shoult off cause be a posibility to return to MP after the recording is finished.

Right now I use PVR sceduler to start sceduled recording in MP, but sadly enouh the PVR does not support WinDVR 3.

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