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December 11, 2012
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I have found the article on using SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 as my database system for the TV Server, but it appears to still be using SQL on the local machine (the machine that hosts the TV Capture card). I'd prefer to use an external database server (running SQL Server 2012, ideally).

Is this at all possible? It seems like I would just need some script to establish the necessary database/s, schema/s, etc. and then connect to it when I'm setting up the TV Server.


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    Hello SolusCado

    Yes I think it should be possible.
    During the install process, pay close attention at this step:

    Select SQL Server is already present and will be used for TV Server.
    Then at the end of the installation, enter the connection details for the server and make sure the connection works:

    If you've already installed and you want to switch to the other DB server, use the "/configure-db" command line option (available options described here) to change the DB server. Of course you will need to export any channels and schedules from the old DB so you can import them into the new DB... or just start fresh.

    Note: you will probably need to set up a user for MP TV Server to use with permission to create a schema. "SetupTv.exe /configure-db" will create the schema and tables for you as long as the DB connection is successful and the user has the necessary privileges.

    Good luck!
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