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    The duplication reduction feature works brilliiant, It's really nice to see that duplicate Fanarts are no longer downloaded and that existing Fanarts get replaced by similiar high quality Fanarts! (y)
    I really appreciate your efforts!

    I spent some time to evaluate and test this new feature.
    With the sensitivity values 20 for color and 40 % for content difference I had the lowest false detections and the best duplication reduction. I'd suggest to set them as default for the best out of the box user experience.

    And I'd suggest the following text to make the settings more understandable to the users.

    Duplication options
    Check Fanarts for duplication Replace existing Fanarts by duplicates with more file size

    (low values = less false detections, high values = less duplicates)
    Allowed color coding difference to existing Fanarts (values 0 - 255) - I recommend 20
    Content difference to existing Fanarts in % when new Fanarts are not stored - I recommend 40 %

    Exceptions options
    Don't download Fanarts for Various Arists
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