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  • June 10, 2008
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    1. Trakt - Audience Rating

    I find the trakt audience rating to be a really good rating, I think it is better than imdb/average rotten tomatoes critic rating/metacritic rating.

    You can find the trakt audience rating using either the %movie.title%-%year% or %TMDB.ID% or %IMDB.ID%
    API - http://trakt.tv/api-docs/movie-summary

    2. Rotten Tomatoes - Percentage of Audience that liked the Movie aka audience_score

    The current rating that is scraped is indicated by the small arrow in the picture.
    I find the Percentage of Audience that liked the movie or the percentage of critics that liked the movie to give the best rating for the movie. I prefer % audience liked rating over % critic liked rating, but I think they are both better rating systems than the currently scraped option.


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  • March 10, 2006
    I already support the audience score though, you can configure that in IMDb+ plugin, infact 7 scores are supported from RottenTomatoes if memory serves me.

    The trakt rating sounds like an idea though, will see if I can tap into their API via XML based scraper-script, because I'm not going to convert to C# version of IMDb+ scraper-script. To get around Dutch MovieMeter API I had to write a proxy script in PHP, but the load on my server to do the same for Trakt ratings would be too high, so then I would have to scrap that idea.

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