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September 20, 2012
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Hi All,

Hereafter a request for a new feature to improve MyMusic in MediaPortal (the same request has been made also for the FanartHandler plugin; it would be perfect if both will support this).

When browsing the music albums, normally the artist fanart is diplayed on the background. It would be nice to have the possiblity to display a specific fanart for each album (i.e. managing a "fanart.jpg" or "backdrop.jpg" in addition to the "folder.jpg" in the album folder). In this way:

- even the more obscure albums would get fanart
- artists who've had a long career can have a group shot from that time with the correct members
- movie soundtracks can have the movie's backdrop
- etc.

Looking forward for any feedback.


emphatic and axlt2002

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