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I've been the silent supporter thus far, having tried MP and love it very much even though I did not managed to setup my HTPC to 100%. I had problem with the TV performance but that's another story. I have faith in MP and believe I will be able to get it setup succefully eventually.

I am using MegaPC 180 and I understand there are a large number of users in this forum using the same box including Frodo and Mr.Mario. Also, I know there are at least 2 separate efforts in MSI user forum to develop controls to MSI remote and LCD - 1 being a Girder plugin.

While it's good (and probably many of you are) to use Girder for controlling the navigation, I think it does not make much sense for a user who want an easy and free setup of media center play with remote control to learn how to use Girder. As such, can I request that MP team please consider adding some form of functionality to enable MegaPC user to take advantage of the build in remote & LCD?

I know making specific hardware support does not make much sense for a project like this either. But perhaps you can consider creating some API for navigation control and then write a MegaPC remote/LCD plugin for it. With this approach, other developer can follow and create plugin for other hardware?

I hope I do make sense and the request is not something too narrow-minded. In the mean time, I just have to kick myself in the rear to pickup what I left behind and not finished - that is to quickly fix the setup problem.

Thanks you MP development team for your great works.


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