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Mediaportal is the only HTPC front-end I'm aware of that, when running fullscreen, forcibly suppresses the Windows Taskbar even when Mediaportal is not in the foreground.

- Launching another application from My Programs shows the app, but the taskbar remains hidden at the bottom of the screen
- Pressing the Windows key to see the taskbar pops up the Start Menu, but the taskbar remains hidden
- Pressing Windows-D, which is supposed to hide all active windows and expose the entire the desktop, still refuses to expose the taskbar

IMHO, until it's at the point where it replaces every other Windows app (or at least the taskbar! :D), this is a limitation. Since people are asking for enhancements to the My Programs plugin, I don't think I'm the only person who intends to use Mediaportal as a portal to the rest of my applications. Multitasking is one of those things that separates an Xbox from Windows and should be considered in the design, by allowing access to the taskbar as required.

Having said that, yes, the taskbar is exposed when Alt-Enter is pressed. But it's rather inconvenient to have to change to windowed mode before launching an external app, and then change back to fullscreen after. Why not just unhide the taskbar when Mediaportal is not in the foreground?

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