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December 20, 2008

Here are some suggestions for new features. If they already exists, please tell me.

Most of French titles in my DB can't be found because of accented chars.
I suggest to add the possiblity to search for lyrics with 2 passes :
- first one with title "as is"
- if not found, second one with unaccented chars

Some artists have special chars in their name.... "P!nk"
yes I could put "Pink" but, if I do that, the "FanartHandler" plugin is no longer able to find fanarts
And as her "official" name is "P!nk" instead of "Pink" i prefer the first one (more, if I'm not wrong, "Pink" is also the name of a japanese band). But in this case, it makes mylyrics plugin unable to find more than 5% of her songs.
So I suggest to add the possibility to give "alternate artist/album/track name". So I could keep "P!nk" in my music database, but tells mylyrics to search with "Pink".
Of course, if we had a MP dialog box to give them "on the fly" (why not with 3 separate contextual menus) it would be better than best :)

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