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May 4, 2014
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Hello folks,

i want to suggest some missing features related to bookmarks:

1. The possibility to set a bookmark with one keystroke (there is no 'set bookmark' action for key-mappings).
2. The possibility to set bookmarks on live-tv (on the timeshift-buffer) and on tv-recordings.

At the moment bookmarks can only be set in the video section, and only over the context-menu.
I use MP1.7.1.

Hope this is the right place to suggest something like this.

Best regards, rubberneck


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December 13, 2004
I'm not even able to add bookmarks in the video section....
Could you tell me how you add a bookmark on a video, please ? (Which skin are you using ?)
I have a tab called "bookmarks" in the TV context menu - clicking "new bookmark" doesn't result in a new bookmark. In videos I don't have anything similar - nothing that allows me to add a bookmark nor anything to choose already created ones.

Thanks Tobi

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