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  • June 30, 2005
    Im a complete noobie at C# but managed to follow along with Erwin's rather good tutorial. Already have a couple of ideas for things to do......

    But back to the topic at hand....I have a few comments on the tutorial (stuff that should be mentioned in the tutorial) :

    1) Using Configuration.exe you need to change Media Portal's skin over to BlueTwo before the plugin will work as the skin file we create is only for the BlueTwo skin (or can I just copy the same file into each of the skin dir's?)

    2) There needs to be more detail on where I should add the code thats mentioned. I ended up refering to the provided (nice one) source code to see where I was meant to be adding the changes.

    3) "Add a reference like we've done before to .....". It needs to explicitly say that its to the "System.Windows.Forms.dll" line in the list.

    Other than that....nice job :)

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