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March 10, 2008
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I am running mepo out to my tv via hdmi and pass through my tv via spdif to my surround amp.

My issue is using the passthrough settings on ffdshow I get a large variance in volumes with hd content from tv and music. I also get a sound glitch whenever I stop or start a video.

I can rectify this to an extent by not using the passthrough settings and enabling normalise.

My question is what is the best setting on the output to send the audio to the amplifier?

I'm assuming that if I leave it default at stereo 2.0 ffdshow is going to downmix the audio to stereo then send it to my amp that then will process it in to surround again. If that is the case I would like to avoid that.

If I set it to my speaker configuration (5.1) will the amp properly read the audio stream and know what to do with it? Or like downmixing it to 2.0 stereo is ffdshow going to create 5.1 audio and my amp re-encode it?

As it is for now I think I would settle for not using the passhrough audio and avoid the glitches and volume variance. Just wondering if there is a better setting to allow my amp to correctly process the sound.

Thanks in advance!
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