for those looking for a soundgraph 3.5" drive bay receiver replacement...


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September 1, 2010
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i found one, after much searching.

this universal card/sim reader has an IR receiver, is perfectly MCE compliant, works without any issues with a harmony programmed as an MCE remote, and fits in a 3.5" drive bay.

also comes with an MCE remote if you prefer to use the one provided. and comes with a white replacement faceplate if you prefer instead of the black one.

i did have one issue with driver installation, this fix to get windows to pick up the driver worked, no external software required, windows has the drivers just needs to be pointed in the right direction to install them properly.

tested all functions and they work as they should in mediaportal, including netflix plugin, using IRSS as the handler, which auto detected an MCE remote right away as soon as i used the remote with the config window open and detect mode turned on.

if anyone wants my old soundgraph receiver it'll be smashed into a million pieces in the garbage bin out by the street waiting for pickup tomorrow. if you feel like paying something for it give me the hours of my life back that i wasted trying to get that junk to work :D.

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