Force IMDb+ on existing collection (OUTDATED: Do Not Use Answers)

Discussion in 'IMDb+' started by ejvdh, October 9, 2011.

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    Is there a clever way to rescan an existing database (where the names of movies also get updated according to imdb+ settings), other than deleting the db3 file altogether? I saw mention of editing the xml file with new id, names and versions, but it's not exactly clear to me. deleting the database results in removal of all paths and custom categories, so that's a real hassle. I find that currently the new scraper is not very useful if you're not completely rebuilding your setup. A single command to re-import all movies would be ideal.


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    Re: IMDb+ Scraper (Fix English, Rename+Group, RottenTomatoes, and more) v3.2.5

    You have two easy choices (make a backup of your movingpictures.db3 file before you do any of the following, so you can restore/undo it if you are not happy with the results).

    #1. Reimport your entire collection with the IMDb+ scraper but then loose date-added and watched flag. The watched flag situation can be overcome by using or Trakt and sync your collection first. When you re-import this is then re-obtained later and watched-flags are restored. Since it sounds like this is a relative new setup for you, this step is probably the best one to take for you.

    Easy way to reimport is to open MovingPictures config, go to the 'Movie Manager' tab, select first movie in the list of your collection, hold down SHIFT key and press END key. You will see all your movies highlighted then. Then click the 'X' icon at the right side to delete all the movies. There will be a dialog telling you that they will all be ignored then. Then go back to the "Import" tab and use the gear icon to reveal drop down menu that allows you to unignore all, and your entire collection will be re-imported with IMDb+ scraper.

    #2. Fool MovingPictures into thinking that you are updating the scraper, but infact are replacing it with the IMDb+ scraper. Then you can mass select your entire collection as per solution 1, but instead of deleting them all, you refresh them all via the green icon to do so. Since you fooled MovPic into thinking you updated the default scraper, the IMDb+ scraper will then be used to refresh them all instead.

    The thing to do to make the fooling work is to open "IMDb+ v3.2.5.xml" with notepad.

    Change the top part as follows:

    Code (Text):
    1. <ScriptableScraper>
    2.     <details>
    3.         <!-- These details are for display purposes only. -->
    4.         [b]<name> (IMDb+ Edition)</name>[/b]
    5.         <author>Ron (RoChess)</author>
    6.         <description>Combination scraper, using the best data from IMDb and RottenTomatoes.</description>
    7.         [b]<id>874902</id>[/b]
    8.         <version major="3" minor="2" point="5" />
    9.         <published month="09" day="23" year="2011" />
    10.         <type>MovieDetailsFetcher|MovieCoverFetcher</type>
    11.         <language>en</language>
    12.     </details>

    The actual parts you end up changing are shown in BOLD as to make it easier for you. Now import this scraper and you will see "" scraper entry you have before change into " (IMDb+ Edition)". If you then go to the "Movie Manager" tab and select one of your movies. You can scroll down at the right side and you will find a row near the bottom called "Primary Source", which will now also show the " (IMDb+ Edition)" reference.

    So now you can update/refresh a single movie, or mass-select them all and then refresh. It's that green arrow wrapped in a 3/4 circle icon on the right side (the one below the list near the bottom is to refresh covers).
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