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November 14, 2005
Of course most of us want the d.vine case but I myself wanted my media center pc now and couldnt afford that case now, maybe @ xmas.

So I found this case over @ amamax

$41 plus free shipping, Thats the one I bought.
If you have more scratch to spare then they have this one as well

Alot nicer but also $77

I needed more money for my hard drives and such and plus I REALLLLLLLY want a d.vine case so I just bought the cheapie $41 case and added a el-cheapo power supply with it.

I ordered a bunch of cases from amamax over the years for pc's I have built for friends and family and there as good as newegg when it comes to reliability imo.

The also have a bunch of smaller cases but the ones I listed can use full size ATX mobo's and the others cant.

Post other good deals on media center cases in this thread :)

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