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  • May 14, 2007
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    Currently trying to get a Steamcom Remote (this damn IR Receiver from Steamcom) together with an (older) LG TV and a Dell Remote working ...

    Some things I found which have helped is to set the IR from Steamcom to send keystrokes (over the Steamcom Setup Tool) so putting the Keys on the buttons is (basically) working. But ...

    The LG remote sends when you try to set Volume + / - n the TV a Channel Up / down to the HTPC ...

    What I tried is to remove the Keys from the General Tab in the config for Channel up and down (where you can see the setup for the Commands I have removed them) and create over Keyboardinputplugin a new set using strg+U instead of F8 for example. But still the HTPC reacts to the the input from the LG Remote ...

    What Can I do to eliminate this issue?

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