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November 9, 2004
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I know its possible to set up "My Programs" to work with Mame, but how do other, more complex games perform when there is another DX program (ie. Media Portal) running in the background?

I dont have the time to try this out at the moment, but I would like to start installing a few of my Windows games to the Media Portal PC so they can be played on the big screen TV again, but without closing Media Portal.

Titles such as Counterstrike Source, and Half Life II.

To do this, I suppose I would just set up a "My Programs" link to the EXE file required?

Anyone doing this sucessfully already? It would be good to know before I install several gigabytes of games files on to the computer.


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  • April 27, 2004
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    it works quite well. Not tested many games. But Painkiller for example works without problems. :)

    In the early days of my programs people made a list with working titles. There were no nonworking titles. :p


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