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So, I was sitting here thinking that it would be cool to put games on the media portal.....Maybe somehthing like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fourtune, Hangman, Chess, Checkers, Poker, card games you know, games that don't require a lot of multi functioning for the reciever....up, down, left, right, enter....blah blah.......(and to have a choice of networking or stand alone). Anyway, food for thought. I'll keep looking into it but don't know how much I can actually do.
I did notice that we have both graphic designers and programers. If someone can create the logic and function I'm sure someone can create the graphics.


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May 31, 2004
What might make more sense (just cause it would be alot easier) is to create a Flash Games plugin. That way the games can just be written in Flash, plus there's already a tonne of them.

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