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  • April 22, 2004
    Ok. mzemina and I have taken the task to put up a complete and topical list of available plugins.

    The goal is, to establish a topical list of available and working plugins in the download section of the web-site and/or find new maintainers for abandonned but interesting plugins.

    My start was the list Jean-Max did and maintained until the end of the last year (thanks again for the hard work).

    I eliminated all the plugins which are integrated in mp in the meantime and those which i know to work with rc2.

    So what I would like to know - either from the authors of the plugins, or users of these plugins:

    1. Does this plugin work with mp RC2?
    2. Is this plugin still under development?
    3. Do you still maintain the plugin?
    4. When was it updated the last time?
    5. Where can it be found/downloaded?
    6. Contact to the author (pm me or Mike (mzemina))

    So, if you can answer part of the questions. refer to the number in the list.
    if you have additional plugins, feel free to post them.

    Thank you for your support



    1. Autostart TV plugin (Smirnoff)
    2. Calendar Plugin(Carreno)
    3. Change Resolution on Startup Plugin(Startup Utility Plugin) (adamsjd)
    Changes windows resolution on Media Portal startup.
    4. DiGiMatrix plugin for Remote Control(Maniac's)
    The DiGiMatrix also have a dedicated infrared remote control... And this plugin make possible to control mediaportal using this remote
    5. DiGiMatrix Plugin for Radio Tuner(Maniac's)
    The DgmxRadio does not replace the provided "My Radio" plugin. It adds to Mediaportal the ability to listen to real radios for DiGiMatrix owners
    6. Digitally Imported radio plugin with playlist support(gitboy)
    Plugin to add a Digitally Imported radio option to the main menu.
    7. Effects plugin (Smirnoff)
    8. EPGfr (Boris)
    Its only for french usesr: The purpose of this plugin is to feed the MediaPortal base with information on the next programs of the TV chains you have
    9. Home Automation Plugin(tekhorror)
    Allows using the CM17 firecracker device within mediaportal through a gui plugin.
    10. Input Device Event Mapper(kaburke)
    This plugin accepts events passed to it by other plugins, maps them to MediaPortal.GUI.Library.Actions, and then passes those Actions on to MediaPortal for processing.
    11. Jumpto Plugin(adamsjd)
    This plugin allows a skinner to jump to specificscreens with buttons on their skins
    12. LCD Smartie plugin (AllenConquest)
    13. MCE compaible display plugin(JoeDalton)
    A plugin to make MediaPortal use any MCE compatible display.
    14. Memory Plugin (newbie23)
    Famous Game named Memory
    15. MPBlue(Scrappy.doo,MrSensitive)
    It's a plugin that allows you to connect to MediaPortal using your Pocket PC.
    16. MPExTunerCmd Plugin(901Racer)
    Sat. tuner channel changer
    17. My Dvd's Plugin (Freezer)
    Gathers the DVD's infos from AMC (Ant Movie Catalog)
    18. My Teletext (snorre)
    It's a "teletext from a web page" plugin
    19. Online Content Plugin (Samuel337)
    The idea is that you can select sources that you want to search, then you can search it, and the results are shown. Depending on the results, you can play them or just view the description.
    20. OpenLounge uPnP MediaServer plugin (Bionicdonkey)
    This plugin will turn MediaPortal into a uPnP Media Server, allowing it to stream media files (video, music, pictures, etc) across a network.
    (replaced by other solution) 21. Shoutcast downloader Plugin (Juvinious)
    22. Skype for MP (Maniac's)
    23. Startup Utility Plugin(adamsjd)
    This plugin can change the resolution of your monitor on startup, and change it back when MediaPortal exits.
    24. Stocks plugin(ergonspengleruk)
    Very basic but workable stocks plugin ready for user testing.
    25. Take Screenshot (SePPiE)
    26. TicTacToe Plugin(Boris)
    One of the most popular game: TicTacToe
    27. Webloader(Maniac's)
    This plugin allows a scheduled download of files.
    28. X10 Input
    29. X10 Remote Plugin(mbuzina)
    Use X10 based (RF) remote controls like the ones from Medion
    (O.K) 30. Xbox Media Center Integration(thechad)
    Python Scripts for XBMC that connect to MediaPortal via network and provide access to MediaPortal TV functions


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    21. Shoutcast downloader Plugin (Juvinious):

    This pluging is not maintained, yet still available: refer to this url.
    It's function is replaced with the external program "Shoutcast downloader", to be found at the same location.
    This is my last project I wrote regarding .NET and shoutcast. It allows you to schedule and poll downloading of playlists according to a specific search or genre. It works fairly well, however it could be better, for instance utilizing mutexes for polling instead of locking up the whole program. The source is available if needed and as a Win32 installer which requires the .NET framework installed. Enjoy.
    I've added it to the repository, since I assume it can be removed as a plugin and added as a useful external program.


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    30. Xbox Media Center Integration(thechad)

    Works with RC2
    Is still under development
    Still maintained by theChad
    Last updated for RC2
    Can be downloaded in plugins section of team-mediaportal site in others section
    PM theChad or email chadcampling AT hotmail DOT com for contact

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