General question about mediaportal .nfo files, fanart, posters, icons, etc. (1 Viewer)


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December 4, 2008
I'm working on Movie Info Plus, a movie manager / thumbnail / icon / fanart /poster /tv show information application.

It's on sourceforge at

Currently its output is for xbmc formated .nfo files and other associated content for movies (fanart, icons, posters, etc), with tv shows in development. I've designed it so that i could generate content for multiple applications, depending on what can be used by them.

Does mediaportal support .nfo files with the content already in them?
Thumbnails from .jpg, .tbn ?

Basically is there any formats that could be generated that could them be directly imported into media portal?


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    I know that atleast MovingPictures (movie plugin) supports reading the imdb number from nfo files in the movies folder and then using that to grab info from the net. They are also planing to create a nfo-writer to make it easier to set it up on multiple computers. So perhaps you could ask in that subforum?


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    December 4, 2008
    It's been some time since I was originally looking for details on how mediaportal handles images and information

    There is a new cross platform media manager that we have a team working on, open source, c# (mono) with objective J (web gui), php (web gui), form based (window/linux/osx ui), as well as command line options, a web server (.asp (mono)) and daemon (via mono).

    We are still sorting out the name, so it's currently being called Universal Media X

    One of the goals of this project is full support for many different media systems (xbmc, mediaportal, yamj, etc)
    If anyone is interested and would like to assist with the mediaportal aspect please let me know.


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