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April 19, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I've just signed up after reading up a bit about MediaPortal, and getting a basic test installation sorted on my laptop (ready for when i build my Main PC.

I'm going to have my main PC set up in my bedroom, with the TV in the Living room... I want to run MediaPortal on the PC but I have no idea how I can get it to display on the TV...

Wirings not an option due to rented accommodation, can't really go making holes anywhere.

I have got a wireless n router so pretty fast (as far as wireless goes) network.

Any Ideas?




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    Hi there,

    Will the TV in the living room have a PC connected to it? Or are you hoping to just use the one PC in the bedroom?

    Depending on the above alters how you do things:

    Local PC to TV = standard approach, install MePo Client on the TV PC, connect via HDMI
    PC in bedroom, TV is in living room = non standard, you will need to use a wireless TV/Video transmitter that is plugged into you bedroom PC and your TV (usually via hdmi). You will also need to consider how the remote will work (I think you can get some wireless TV/video solutions to have IR functionality built in)



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    April 19, 2011
    England England
    Hi Jay,

    Cheers for the response...

    Ideally the TV is not connected to a PC however I could find something to use if necessary...

    Remote control wise, although not ideals, I have the Android Remote installed which seems to work fine over the network...

    I will go and research these video transmitters and see if its a viable option compared to just getting another PC.

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