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I am very pleased with media portal after switching from Windows XP Media Center. The main factor in my decision was that I couldn't modify shows that recorded I recorded from my DVR because XP MCE records it with DRM. I legally paid for the TV service with a legal copy of XP MCE! This is inconvenient because I can't edit the file to remove commercials and separate episodes. I was glad to find out that media portal ignores DRM. I also like the little blue guy which is more appealing than the media center green rectangle with XP logo.

I was wondering if I could get the XP MCE guide to work in media portal. I know the site XP MCE downloads the guide listings from are stored in the registry. I was also wondering if I could use the IR blaster because I am recording from an ATT UVerse receiver.

If it makes any difference, here are my computer specs:

P4 HT 3.0GHz
2*512MB DDR2 533
ATI Theater Pro 550
GeForce 8600GT 256MB
SigmaTel HD Audio
XP Media Center SP3


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    Yes, you can. do a search on MC2xml and install it as described in a post on this forum.

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