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    Sadly today we have to say goodbye to our colleague Attila @regeszter.

    He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 3. January 2019.

    In his role as an MP developer, he has contributed in many areas to the further development of our project.

    Especially to be emphasized is his work on the MPTVScheduler (including the further development of MPExtended), the introduction of watched status in the TV client, improvements in MyVideos and much more.

    His commitment to prepare new releases should also not been unmentioned.

    He has always been a pleasant and especially reliable colleague and friend.

    He leaves a painful gap in our team.

    Above all, our heartfelt sympathy goes to his family.

    The team of Mediaportal
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    Wow... This is very sad (and unexpected) news. He will be missed.

    All the best to his family, friends and loved ones in these difficult times!


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    Dropped in and I read this.
    Very sad to read this big loss. :( All the best for his family and other people who loved him.

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