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December 14, 2011
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I have been searching for a long time for guidance on how to properly setup my HTPC with a nVidia graphics card for the best picture quality.

I just purchased an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 SC graphics card and have it connected from my HTPC to my HDTV (Samsung UN65KS8000) via HDMI. I got to say I am not impressed by the results of the video playback. The uncompressed videos that I play seem a bit grainy and the colors could use tweaking.

I am posting this in hopes that someone can help me tweak my GPU and or MediaPortal's internal player to get optimum playback.

I am a newbie and would appreciate some help with this.


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July 13, 2008
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Sorry if this is a bit obvious, but....

I assume that you have used the HDMI port on the GPU and not the HDMI port on your motherboard. I have the fanless version of this card connected to a 49" Samsung using LAV and EVR and am very happy with the picture. However, I find that quite often after a Windows update the card has been removed - by Windows because it thinks the card is reporting errors - so the default onboard graphics get used and the picture is awful.

Also source material is important. Asking an SD source to be scaled to a 65" screen is a big ask - and I think that Samsung upscaling is excellent. Even on my 49" the difference is noticeable. I assume that your TV is connected to the internet so I would use one of the built-in apps to set the colours etc. the way I wanted by viewing some of the sample material available without the PC/card combination in use - then try again with the card. If still unhappy then try using the Nvidia software to control the display output rather than the MP player setup. There are a lot of additional facilities if you use the Nvidia control panel to adjust the picture.


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December 14, 2011
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billis & wjw,

Thank you for providing your responses and yes, I do have the HDMI connected directly thru the video card and not the motherboard.

MadVR isn't as straight forward as I would like as there are a plethora of tweaking options and I do not understand as to each and every option does or how each effects the visual outcome nor do I have the patients to read a dictionary sized set of of instructions to understand it all.

However, I did do some tweaking with nVidia settings and are somewhat comfortable with the colors and picture quality t this time.

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