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April 26, 2013
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Hey guys, first up MediaPortal is incredible, I've spent the last few hours sorting my hard drives out to make my films and shows appear perfectly on the menus. I'm curious however if there is any hardware that supports MediaPortal. I've bought a few Hard Drive to TV boxes in the past but they are very basic in appearance (just shows the title) I was hoping there was one available that displays it using the MediaPortal software?


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  • April 1, 2010
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    Hi Matt

    I assume you mean basic fixed function appliance type unit, with embedded OS and fixed function. That being the case, sorry but no MediaPortal is Windows only - these appliance units are generally an embedded Linux, so you need a functional PC base - quite a small and simple PC will suffice in most cases, I've used re purposed laptops [XP for real and Win8 for a test], Atom based units [just retired my Shuttle ION unit from main client to TV Server], etc etc.

    If you've not done so, look at XMBC <http://xbmc.org/about/> and OpenLEC <http://openelec.tv/> as well.

    Good luck and good hunting:D

    Cheers - JCMP

    PS - I know I'm biased, but MePo is indeed incredible(y)

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