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December 10, 2006
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I've just upgraded my HTPC to Asus M4A78pHTPC. It has integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 and "High Definition" audio. Although I only have analogue 5.1 speakers they plug into the back and work ok using the set up software.

Having only just started being able to record HD I sort of expected films shown on HD channels to also be broadcast in surround sound as well.

My question is, then, if programmes are transmitted on HD channels with surround sound and if my sound system is set up correctly, why is my central speaker and sub woofer speaker strangely silent?


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    This is most likely a codec setup problem (assuming your amp can not change the audio setting and is just a straight passthrough of the analogue audio).

    What audio codec are you using?

    With things like AC3filter settings it will have different output speaker type settings (e.g. 2.0 or 5.1 etc). One option is usually "same as input" - (Ronseal - does what it says on the tin).

    Provide some details of what codecs you are using for your audio and you might get some more advice.

    I hope this helps


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