HD44780 contrast reg. by software, and other questions ?? (1 Viewer)


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February 5, 2005
Holbaek, Denmark
Hi there....

I have been playing with my HD44780 40x4 device (pulled out of an old danish train), and i have some questions.....

I see in LCD applications like MP plugin and eg. LCD Smartie, that it is somehow possible to regulate the contrast and the backlight from the software, but what hardware do i need (perhaps to build) to do this ??

Also i have tried the MP Plugin, and while it do support 40 car. i dont think it support 4 lines of text..... ??
LCD Smartie do use all 4 lines, but MP Plugin only use the top 2 lines of the display, leaving the two bottom once blank....

Is this right or what have i done wrong ??

I try the 44780 40x4 driver, is there any one else i should try for this ??

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