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  • August 5, 2006
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    The xmltv.dvd specifies the quality tag. It would be nice if WebEPG could support this.

    The information is available in the program description of Swedish grabbers so I'd like to use something like:
            <Search match="Samsänds i SVT HD" field="#QUALITY" remove="false"/>
    in the grabber file to produce a TVGuide.xml like:
      <programme start="20100926230000 +0200" channel="SVT1HD-svt1hd@svt.se">
        <desc>Brittisk naturserie med David Attenborough. Del 2 av 10: Reptiler och groddjur. Från 23/9 i SVT1 5.1-ljud Samsänds i SVT HD</desc>
    [COLOR="Green"]    <video>
    [/COLOR]  </programme>
    Or perhaps it needs to be modified to support other quality than HDTV?

    The next step is to show this information in the EPG grid but it could be done later if preferred (For the Record already agreed to support this tag once any grabber could produce it :)).

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