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July 11, 2004
I wonder if somebody could spend an hour helping me out?

I need to modify the code so the fullscreen tv is only 640*480 large. I don't want to resize the 4:3 aspect ration, just make the fullscreen a specific size.
The reason for this is explained in another thread, but it's mainly cause my screen is tooooo big for 4:3!

I got Visual Studio 2003 installed with directxC and if somebody could just point me in the right direction where to insert 640*480 instead of the function for fullscreen, I would appriciate it. It's just the TV part I'm talking about and nothing else.

I also inserted a request for this, but I don't think anybody else need this function, so I am willing to change the code myself with every release. But I do need help.

Thanks in advance.


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