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When I have been doing skins one thing that suprises me is that there are several features you find out about that you had no idea existed. It might be small things like shortcuts or whatever. When using Media Portal and want to know something about a specific view you probably don't want to try to read one of the .txt files on your tv screen or run over to your stationary computer in order to figure out what that specific shortcut was (well you know... a shortcut is to be able to do things quickly and taking the trip to another computer or opening up a .txt file on a tv set is not exactly my idea of a userfriendly shortcut).

What would be really nice is that if you could add a custom content page, text only accesible with a button in the left menu. Then a skinner could add a page that describes the view and explains all features. Also this would probably prevent some frustration from first time users that don't have the time to browse the forum to understand everything.

What do you think?


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    we have a manual now, that will work for the most part.
    There will be a quick guide to (1 page)

    Also, we r writing a skinning guide so all things should be there @ some point.

    A help page in the program itself sounds nice to, and will surely help some people.


    MrMario64 said:
    A help page in the program itself sounds nice to, and will surely help some people.

    Yes, well I am not talking about an indepth setup guide or anything but rather explaining the view and what shortcuts are avaible. As an example, how many times have you told people to press Y when they want to have the OSD on screen? There are probably three times as many who will never ask, they just install the program and use the features that they can see. The whole point is to make it more userfriendly and I know that is not something that is discussed that much but it is important if you want more people to use it and experience it the way you intended.

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