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May 18, 2007
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Hi there,
im using Mediaportal for several years now. Started with Analog and later switched to DVB-C. I recently moved to a new home and can no longer use DVB-C (for a reasonable fee). So, I need to switch to Sattelite.

I dont know much about sattelite TV. I know I need a DVB-S2 card and a dish. But is there anything in between? Just a cord? Some other device?

What card would you recommend? I was thinking about a TechniSat SkyStar S2 (i own a CI Modul for the Technisat CableStar HD which I plan to reuse)

What dish (or at least size / price category) would you suggest?

Any other stuff I need to know?


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March 17, 2013
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In general you must select your dish with LNB carefully. There are LNBs which can feed Sat-Receivers (resp. DVB-S2-cards) directly and there are which need a kind of satelite switch in between. LNBs which can feed Sat-Receivers directly are limited usually to for participants - which is fair enough for home usage. Otherwise, the switch concept is recommended (where you can connect nearly endless).

No idea about the TechniSat card you mentioned - I am focussing only on twin receivers (to be able to watch and record simoultanously). In that case maybe the Mystique Satix S2 DVB-S2 could be a solution) - but no CI-Module.

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