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Would an option to hide/show already viewed items be useful?

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    Started on: 2013-05-23
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    Summary: Provide a facility for optionally hiding TV recordings and videos from lists

    Area: TV, Video

    Description: You record a programme; it gets marked as 'watched', but still clutters the list of programmes. You don't want to delete it because you might want to see it again, or another family member might want to see it. You are content to let it 'fall off the end' when disc space dictates. But you would usually like to see just a list of programmes you haven't seen yet. The coding is simple enough, but how to specify the option? You can have a separate entry in views: 'List', 'List unseen', or, you can have a new option 'hide watched', which would coexist with all the listing options: list, icon, big icon, etc. The latter requires a change to the skin, the former doesn't.

    OK - no interest, so I will do my own thing again.
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