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June 8, 2012
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can anybody help me to understand the differenz between the different descriptions:
Home screen, Basic Home, Classic home, standard home, Home window, home.
In several descriptions I can read various Terms for the same thing.
Please help me to understand.
Ciao Thomas

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    Hi thoath

    Yes can be confusing, There are 2 "Home" screens used by MP, the now pretty much defunct\not used classic one, and then the "Basic" which is totally misnamed, most skins are meant to be used with basic.

    After that anything "Home" relates back to that screen.


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  • December 17, 2010
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    There are two different Home screens in MP. Basic and Classic Home screen.

    On Classic Home screen all Plugins are shown without further action. But...
    In MP config you can choose at every Plugin to show in "Home" or in "Plugins". This is to give you a possibility to differ between often and not so often used Plugins. In Classc Home there always is a menu item called "Plugins" (translated to your chosen language). If you call this you will find all the Plugins you have configured to be in "Plugins". All Plugins you have configured to be in "Home" are shown in Classic Home directly. You can customize the Classic Home by reordering the used Plugins to fit your needs. This is done in MP config ->Plugins -> Home...

    Normally most custom skins are using Basic Home screen as default . On Basic Home you only have a limited amount of Plugins showing. Those Plugins has to be especially integrated (build in) there. But you (to be exact the skinner) can choose which ones to use. And you can easily (more or less) customise this Basic Home screen to fit your personal needs... That's why most custom skins are using Basic Home as default.

    Hope it's a bit clearer now.
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  • December 17, 2010
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    Unfortunately there is no Editor for Default Wide skin. A generic Editor working with all skins is planed, but when this will be ready, no one knows...
    So for now you need to edit the XML files yourself.

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