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I guess there are a lot of people like me that download tv shows and movies (shame on me, I know..). If you download from usenet there are some programs that can sort your files in folders automatically but with torrents everything is just put in a folder. I've been searching for ages for a program that can sort the downloads into folders automatically, but it's nowhere to be found. The closest I've come is Meedio, but everything else with that mediacenter is crap...

So how do you sort your movies? Do you keep everything in 1 folder? Sort manually? Or do you know of some genius program that do it?
I'm really fed up of sorting etc. All I want to do is push download and then have the files renamed and moved to the right folder when they are downloaded.


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  • November 8, 2008
    interesting q. I will watch this thread with interest as personally Ive never heard of anything that will do this.

    My HTPC is in a different room to machine I do torrenting on so, and the htpc is power-managed so its sleeping when not in use (ie its drives, where I store movies and tv are not accessible when asleep) I usually wake it up and send all the downloads to it when they complete, via network or vnc

    I guess my setups pretty standard, a folder for movies, a folder for tv shows - each folder managed by its respective plugin in MP

    With bulk renaming of stuff like tv series I use lupas rename, so I can just enter the format/convention for the file names (one which My TV Series plugin will recognise) and have all the files renamed in one hit.

    With movies, if the filename looks like it will be difficult to parse, I just rename them manually

    I guess for your situation a torrent client that had multiple "completed download" folders would be ideal (one for movies, one for tv shows), but the issue will still be that some torrents (tv shows for example) will download to a folder/subfolder, and some will download to root (no standardisation in this regard)

    For example I just downloaded Greys Anatomy

    Depending on the torent source, downloads arrived as



    \completed\greys anatomy\s05e05.avi


    \completed\season 5\s05e05.avi

    My fault I guess for using multiple sources, but there's no single torrent for season 5 yet as its not finished playing.

    Makes any degree of automation tricky though with this situation.

    This added to the fact that some of the files were "grey's" and others were "greys" (My Tv Series only recognises "grey's" as valid

    When you consider all the variables it makes automation a fairly complex prospect

    I guess as far as the Moving aspect goes, a simple batch file would do it. Could even be run on a schedule. The renaming aspect would be tricky to automate though I think

    Anyway probably too much detail here but you did ask what people were doing! :) :)

    gl with it


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  • June 27, 2008
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    Mine are all in there own show folder for tv shows

    Like this

    \\Media-server\i\TV Shows\Dirty Jobs
    \\Media-server\i\TV Shows\Heroes
    \\Media-server\i\TV Shows\Lost
    \\Media-server\i\TV Shows\The Office
    \\Media-server\i\TV Shows\Mythbusters


    Every episode for that show in in that folder
    usually named something like this


    same name it downloads as
    Tv Series pics it up just fine

    As far as movies mine are all in a raid 0 drive by themselves not in any folders.


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  • June 10, 2008
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    For Movies i use

    E:\HD MOVIES\Fight Club\Flight club.mkv
    E:\MOVIES\Silence of the Lambs\Silence of the lambs divx.avi

    For Music i use

    E:\MUSIC\Smashing Pumpkins\Siamese Dream\Smashing Pumpkins - Siaemese Dream - 01 - Mayonaise.mp3

    and compilation is

    E:\MUSIC\Album Artist\Album name\Album Artist - Album - Track # - Arist - Title.mp3

    For Television and documentary

    E:\TELEVISION\Heroes\Heroes - Season 1\Heroes S01E01.mkv

    (Keep the original formatting of s01e01 or 01.01 or whatever because tv series can read that)

    My Downloading computer and My media storage computer are also different so I manually copy shows over to the media computer.


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    I can't even imagine the amount of hours I have spent renaming and tagging files. I am one of those mega anal people.
    Every file I have (and there are many 1000's) is consistently named and organized.

    Movies are simply in one folder with the movie name.

    Tv shows are on a dedicated hard drive for tv shows with each show in its own folder....
    T:\Simpsons, The\0101 - episode name.avi

    Music in a music folder (about 60 gig of mp3's all meticulously named and tagged)
    M:\Group Name\Ablum Name\track number - song name.mp3

    I don't know of any program that would do this efficiently except for manually.
    One program I use that is awesome for bulk renaming is 'Better File Rename' can select a number of files and make changes anywhere in the title...adding, deleting, is an incredible program.
    I also use 'Tag and Rename' for music....another incredible program.
    The tv shows I pretty much just do manually....once you get a system down and if you can move your fingers with some good dexterity it does not take as long as you might think.
    As far as something like photos are concerned I have not made it that far yet....they are all named the way I would like them but they still need tagged.


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    March 31, 2009
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    but with torrents everything is just put in a folder. I've been searching for ages for a program that can sort the downloads into folders automatically, but it's nowhere to be found

    If you use utorrent you can manage the folders using the "Label" feature, and then check the "Append the torrent's label". If you want the downloads organized as genres, the labels should be: "HD Movies", "Movies", "TV-Series" etc and the downloaded file will look like this: D:\completed DL\[TV-Series]Grey's.Anatomy.S3.DVDRip... bla-bla... If you keep the files in your computer for loooong time in your download folder... you can add more labels, labels for tv-shows, music genres, etc.

    Me, i'm lazy and keep the files unsorted, until they are seeded properly, the the files goes where they belong, to the destination folders. I kinda enjoy moving the files myself, playing an album in the process, or testing some movies...


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    June 9, 2008
    Totally forgot about this thread (I created it). I found this program for tv shows Awesome Simple Best TV Show Renamer .....with Episode Titles!, but nothing for movies yet. Find it strange that nobody has made this since all the code for scraping has been made before. The rename and moving part is the easy part imo. If you find or make anything let me know :)

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