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February 3, 2005
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when i record some shows back to back, the second show always seems to to start a few seconds after the initial start time. does MP stop recording and then pick up. Shouldnt MP realized it has another show to record during recording? that way it doesnt need to stop and start, it just needs to cut off when the time comes.

just a thought.


This is another problem I'm having, too.

My prob is all shows are mapped one minute after each hour or half hour, so I am always missing the first minute to minute and a half of that second show. The second show always starts about one minute and twenty seconds after the hour or half hour mark because the first always stops at one minute after instead of stopping right on the hour or half hour marks.

Are your "Scheduled" show recordings show 8:00-8:30 (for example) or do they schedule up at 8:01-8:31 ?


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    Yes it needs looking into to handle this better however at the moment it needs to stop to save the file and show data in the dvr-ms metadata and setup the metadata for the next recording.

    In configuration --> Television --> Recording set the start and stop times to 0.



    I have those two boxes set for zero - but my shows still show up as 8:01-8:31 or 5:01-6:01 or whatever - always one minute behind what they should be.

    I would think the show times would follow the grid exactly to the hour or the half marks and people could then use the Configuration boxes to bump ahead and behind if they wanted.

    Is something wrong with my rig or is everyone having this offset by one minute deal on their "Scheduled" recording times?


    Thanks for replying - I assume you're not having the one minute offsets for all your programs, unlike me...

    I don't know where the off-by-one-minute "virus" came from. The crazy thing is my first time loading in MP, I had everything coming in one minute AHEAD of the mark, so all shows were reading :59 or :29 for the start or end times.

    The TVGuide grid always shows all the proper hour and half hour marks, it's just that highlighting or programming a show reveals the errant :01 or :31 - never on the mark - start and end times.

    I used the Grabber for US the latest one and have all the latest, basic, and nothing flakey going on. I have spent probably 50 hours just on installing and reinstalling three times over - everything is properly finally down to a science now (I made my own A to Z install guide, since nothing detailed and organized around exists for what is a convoluted multi-part install - and why does a manual put the install directions at the back?!? You would think the install is the first step to take, before the actually running setting up the Configuration. You would think!

    Lack of linear communication in a high-tech world is why there are so many techs in biz and so many more people on hold... proper A-to-Z details can eliminate probably half of the world's service calls...

    But I digress-

    I thank you for answering at the least a very easy question: "does anyone else have Scheduled programs or program details offset by one minute?"

    Now at least I know my problem is with me and not a general MP bug.


    MP Version:
    Skin: the default Blue one
    Windows Version: XP Home w all the updates SP2, .NET 1.1, and DirectX 9c
    CPU Type: P4 2.0G
    Memory: 512 PC133 (256 x 2)
    Motherboard Chipset: Biostar U8668
    Main HD: IBM 60G 7200 rpm NTFS
    Secondary HD: Western 130G 7200 rpm NTFS
    Video Card: Mad Dog MX4000 Plus (NVidia GeForce4 128 AGP)
    Video Card Driver: NVidia 71.89 - the latest
    Video Render Type: VMR9
    Video Codec Type & Version: InterVideo 6 - the latest
    Audio Codec Type & Version: ac3filter_1_01a_rc5
    TV Card: Hauppauge PVR150
    TV Card Type: hardware
    TV Card Driver: Hauppauge 2.2_23123 - new beta
    Additional plugs: ac3 filter, VOBSUB, FFDShow (not engaged), HCWPlugin_0.0.1.6, the Green Button, Grabber xmltv-0.5.37-win32

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