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March 2, 2009
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Probably a stupid question, but after checking the forum i couldnt find an answer, even though it has probably been answered before.
i have 9 HD-s in my pc, with on all of them in several folders mp3's, divx's. etc. Now what i want is, to make a list with only MP3 files within MediaPortal. So if i say in the configuration my mp3 files are in for example d:\Usenetdownloads\ it doesnt show all folders in that folder in MediaPortal, but only those with mp3 files in it. so not the divx, programs, dvd subfolders, only the folders with mp3's. how can i achieve that?
As it is really inconvenient to look through about 1000 subfolders where only 300 or so are mp3's. (these are just examples, the actual numbers are much higher)
Thanks for any info that could help me!

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