How to show multiple video folders in 1 item only (1 Viewer)


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December 23, 2009
Hello guys,

Im using MediaPortal for about 1 year and im really amazed with the quality of this software. I tried various other media center softwares, but this one is the best and most complete in my opinion.

However, i was not able to find out how to show videos that are spread in multiple folders (different hard disks) in one item only on my videos. Let me try to explain:

I have 3 hard disks, "D:" "E:" and "F:". Each one have a folder "My Movies", so all my movies are spread into these 3 disks. On MediaPortal configuration i can only set 1 folder for each item, so i have:

My Movies 1 = d:\My Movies
My Movies 2 = e:\My Movies
My Movies 3 = f:\My Movies

What i would like is:

My Movies = d:\My Movies + e:\My Movies + f:\My Movies

I tried the "MediaBrowser" plugin for Windows7 Media Center and it let you to create media items, and for each item you can define how many folders you want.

Is there any way to make this on MediaPortal?

Thank you guys.

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    Even simpler, if they are ALL valid movies and show imdb or equivalent information, then change the view under the context menu from shares to name, then everything will show up aphabetically.

    Or use MovingPictures, as again everything that exists in its database will show.


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    December 23, 2009
    Oh, thank you guys. However, i made a mistake here. For Movies and TV Series i already use those popular plugins and everything is fine.

    The case which im talking about is for "My Videos" folder, which are distributed into 3 hard disks. Also, i have other kind of media in the same condition (music concerts, music videos, etc..) for which does not exist any specific plugin.

    I was wondering if there is a "generic" way to make this, like Mediabrowser on Windows 7 Media Center.



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    Yes you can use the hardlinks to do this.

    The cleanest way to do this is create a serperate tiny partition (eg 500mb partition size)
    Call the partition h: Virtual Media
    Then create a directory called h:\Movies\
    Then create hardlinks so that the files/folders inside d:\movies, e:\movies, f:\movies all appear inside that folder.


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    November 27, 2020
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    HI @kiwijunglist and @Felipe_Zanon - I am trying to do the same - I have 3 hard drives of movies and a specific sub folder on one of the drives I want to be able to have on the home screen that i can choose from - so 4 links in total - I can do it in media portal 2 - do you know if i can set this up in MP 1?

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