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March 10, 2012
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I've developed a new TV-Server plugin that will allow TV-Server to automatically control a TV antenna rotator. The plug-in comes with fairly extensive documentation and I'm not sure how to add that to the online Wiki so that it will come up whenever the "?" is clicked in the plug-in setup screen.

I've reviewed the Wiki on submitting an extension, but I'm not sure what I do with my multi-page pdf file of documentation.

I suppose that the installer could simply plop the documentation file somewhere in the Team Mediaportal tree, but my impression is that it's supposed to be in the online Wiki.


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March 10, 2012
Canada Canada
I really seem to have difficulty getting much help these days. I guess everyone is on summer holidays?


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    Plugin sounds interesting, this might get you rolling ;)
    Test Versions

    When ready for testing, announce new plugins in the MediaPortal Plugins Forum.
    1. Create a new thread for your plugin.
    2. Keep the topic name short.
    3. Be sure to add a download link in your FIRST post, and if you have an updated version replace the link in the first post of the thread!
      Do not add update links to posts within the thread or users will miss them!
    Write documentation for your plugin to help users test it:
    1. Just select this page and then select New Page from the Wiki Menu. Your page will be added to this section and automatically added to the index below.
    2. Write a wiki documentation page:
      1. Select this page, then New Page on the Wiki menu
      2. Select the the style of Template you wish to use.
      3. See Wiki Help > Contribute to Wiki for guidelines and assistance in writing your page.


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    March 10, 2012
    Canada Canada
    Thanks Cruse, I didn't see the above text in the Wiki. I looked up the Add Extension link and it wasn't clear from the boxes just where I would attach documentation. Your info above certainly answers that question!

    Though I've already been posting to a thread for some beta testing, I'll start a new one according to the guidelines that you've provided. Thanks again!

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