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April 7, 2009
First of all, I am a Noob at anything Mediaportal.
But I have a dream.....
I have utilized 'old' computer parts and built my personalised, silent , HTPC.
But one of the main dream uses I had for my new toy, was to watch Streamed media - like 'JustinTv, UStream and YouTube' to name but a few.
I am struggling to find a link or guide on how to complete one of my dreams.

Could anyone post a reply, containing links to previous answers to this problem, which could shead some light on how I am to configure MP for streamed tv to work.

I feel that you have to setup MP to utilize another program for streamed Tv to work. For example, MP would startup Veetle, TVA or TVAnts for me to watch streamed tv.

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April 30, 2008
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I suggest you search the forums for plugins that may help you stream tv...

But really to do what you want i'd really look elsewhere as MediaPortal is a TV system for watching TV using either DVB C/S/T cards or an analogue to digital converter it's not really for watching all different internet streams...



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    Check out the MyStreams plugin

    This will play any stream compatible with Windows Media Player.

    There is also the Netflix plugin, which is in the final stages of development but has a very usable version available. You will need a Netflix subscription, which is only available afaik in the US. (btw - you should update your profile info so we know where you are, this helps in making recommendations or trouble shooting).

    For other sources of streamed media, there are a few folks tinkering but nothing available yet. I would recommend watching for the public release of Boxee. I am using the private alpha release and have it integrated into MP using the multi-shortcut plugin. That allows streaming of tons of streaming video sources in a very slick interface.

    Ultimately though for anything specific it's going to take someone with drive and knowledge to build the plugin. Maybe you know how to write some code to get what you're looking for?

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