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Hello friends,

I have a HTPC Devine case, but it is too long (about 18") to fit in my new entertainment center (dont ask).

My current system uses a ATX mother board.

So, my options are;

1 - cut my case down. there is a lot of room in there.

2 - get a new shorter case (ATX), and transfer all my hardware.

3 - get a new shorter case (not atx), and build a new (mostly) system.

Ok, the best would be option 2.

I would like to find an ATX case which is less than 16" that way I can just transfer my system. If not that, then a micro ATX, and I get a new MB and PS (and processor - maybe).

One problem is that I have not found an easy way to search for case sizes other than just looking all of them up one at a time.

I do know there are a few custom built ATX cases out there, but they are a bit pricy (I would like to spend ~ $200 or less).

I have found the NMedia PC, but it is micro atx...however, it will take full height cards.

Any suggestions?



Ok, lots of reads.....but no input.

Then let me ask this.....can anyone think of a better way of finding a shorter case than just going to every website, and taking the time to look them all up, and writing down how big they are?

(some done even list it!).

I have made a few posts on the subject, but to no avail....




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    I have an MSI MEGA 865...i find it very reliable and small enuf to sit under my TV on a small TV stand

    here are the latest releases from MSI :

    MSI MEGA 865 Pro
    MPC 915

    now MSI gimme a new ;)

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