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September 4, 2004

First of all, is there a HTTP remote control plugin available for MP?

I hope the answer is no ... :D and in that case:

I'm currently working on a plugin that allows basic remote control of MediaPortal via HTTP. At first, I'm planning to include basic commands, like navigating between Videos,Music,Pictures and Weather. Also the basic playback commands of videos and music. Hopefully I'll be able to include remote control capabilities, atleast similar to what hardware remotes such as the MCE can provide.

I will include some security options, such as a pass-key which has to be sent with every command, and the ability to specify a list of IP-addresses/hostnames that are authorized to connect and control MP.

This plugin should make it possible to control MP from a webbrowser and it should be really easy to write cool web-based remote controls, or even better, write windows applications that can make HTTP calls.

In case there already IS such a plugin ... well .... I'm still gonna do this and proudly use my own plugin instead :D (But please provide a link to that plugin)

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!


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  • June 15, 2004
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    please have a look at the Media Portal Webinterface.

    There we included already the beginning of a webremote, mostly for basic commands like "next song" or "pause"...

    Feel free to have a look at it and if you want to submit parts of your work for it.



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    August 25, 2004
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    I can't change your mind, as it seems it is already made up, but I have already built a fairly comprehensive web service/remoting solution that is able to not only control MP, but also extract data and get information on its current state. It is a bit lax in security, but that is easily controlled by the web server of the web service.

    As a web service and a remoted solution, it is readily accessible for all web-based apps, and also all windows apps, especially .NET winforms apps.

    If you want to have a look, install the web interface package, then navigate to http://<your mp computer name>:81/MPExtControlWS/ and check out the SendActionByID function. (BTW, the web remote page in the web interface has bugs, but the web service [the above link] works fine).

    I just don't see the point in repeating someone else's work when you could be programming something else that's unique.



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    September 4, 2004
    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for that, I'll definately have a look at this.

    But I also see your point, why re-invent the wheel? Well, you know how this is, if you really want to try do create something, it's not easy to just let it go :wink:

    I also believe that it's a good start for me, given the fact that I've never developed a plugin for MP before. I think it's good for me to learn that way.

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