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  • June 15, 2004
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    I requested this in a similar way some time ago. As Samsonite said it's sure very difficult to realize a special traffic plugin for your region, but an extended picture module would be really nice.

    I think the best (for me) would be to do it the same way like in the music module. I'm thinking of something like "playlists for pictures". So you create your picture shares like you do now and then put in there files (xml or just a simple line of plain text) with the url to the picture. The image module then could read this url and display the picture like it's already done in the weather module for the sattellite picture...

    How do you like this idea?



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    August 18, 2004
    I think that a module like that would have very practical utilizations, for example: we can have a “playlist” called “my home” (for those who have cameras at home, to see the kids, etc.), other called “my work” (for those who have cameras at work, like me, to see my little server farm), other called “my transit” to see transit cameras, other called “my beaches” (for those who like surf) etc. I think this is one of the most important modules to make, and I think is a easy one…but talk is easy, and I don’t know code…

    Thanks in advance
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