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May 30, 2011
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Although mvCentral seems to be at the top of it's food chain - extension dealing with Music Videos - it definitely doesn't seem to get much support or discussion in it's forum. I see most threads with 0 replies. Very contrary to other extensions in the "Popular Plugins".

Either way, I'm hoping someone can chip in.

I'm just wondering if there's options to use scrappers other then For some reason, doesn't seem to have well known, officially released retail DVD's to do with music videos - for example Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - possibly the most widely known music video ever released in the history of music.

There's a ton of music videos that have been released officially on retail DVD's and other formats that are easily listed on sites such as IMDB, etc. How do you get those into mvCentral? I have quite a few retail DVD's that I just ripped - none of them appear to be listed in and therefore none of them are scraping into mvCentral.

I noticed "IMDB Lookup" in the Advanced Settings of the plugin, and it is set to true, however, I can't find a way in GUI to actually use IMDB lookup.

Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated.


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