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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by JohnHind, October 24, 2014.

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    Oddly for an application that is not multi-platform, MediaPortal does not follow Windows conventions is a number of important areas which could be relatively easily addressed (at least as configurable options). This is understandable given the 'media centre' concept, but I guess a number of people, like me, actually use it on our main computer and would like the option to have it 'play nicer' with Windows and other applications.


    MediaPortal Windows client.


    1. The option to have MP minimise to the taskbar like standard Windows applications rather than to the task tray. In W7 or W8, you probably have MP pinned to the taskbar for easy launching, so it is confusing that you cannot restore the app using this taskbar button like you can with standard Windows apps.

    2. When you attempt to start another instance of client when one is already running, this should restore (if necessary) and focus the running instance before terminating. At present it just mysteriously does nothing which is very confusing if MP is minimised in the task tray (and probably hidden completely in the overflow area).

    3. Client should open at the same size and position as it was last closed (like standard Windows applications do). Obviously this could still be overridden by settings for open in full screen, show on a particular screen etc. I mostly listen to radio and find I almost always want to size and position the window immediately after starting the application.

    4. The option to minimise in TV mode without muting the sound or pausing play, like the default behaviour for Radio.

    5. Support "Live Taskbar Preview" of a mini-TV window when TV is minimised (to the taskbar).

    6. Support "Taskbar Jump List" with ability to pin favourite channels (radio and TV).

    7. A command-line option to start with a favourite channel (or perhaps with any channel) so it would be possible to create explorer shortcuts to particular channels. Obviously, if MP is already running this should work with 2 above to change channel on the running instance.

    8. If minimised to the task tray, the context menu for the icon should have options for favourite channels.

    9. Make sure everything works with the mouse - currently some sub-menus in some skins only work with keyboard arrow keys (and possibly touch). When you move the mouse pointer onto the pop-up sub menu, the sub menu disappears (the TV button in Titan is a good example of this).

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    This should be doable by using dummy buttons for mouse is specific skin files. Personally, I don't know (but I really want to know) how to do it properly but guys like @ltfearme know.

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