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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by Dr Morris, October 26, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    Been using MP for over a year now and very impressed overall. Have accrued a large number of recordings stored on a NAS device. Some recordings are spur of moment and others are films etc. that want to keep for longer term.

    It would be great to see some development in the area of recordings management as this is an area that is a bot lacking at the moment.


    1. Ability to place any folder content or main list of recordings into a selection mode (select single or select multiple) after which the context menu allows for action to be taken against the selected items.
      1. Delete
      2. Reset
      3. And the other contexts that are already available
    For the "gold standard" it would be really handy to add in a move capability that allows for selected items to be relocated to another folder that either exists or is created; This may be a virtual folder, leaving the recording content where it is but relying on the database to provide the abstraction, but that is up to the internals, which I am not familiar with!

    There has been some concern over the risk of accidental deletion, but the above ensures deliberate selection and with a couple of "are you sures" is common place with current practices. If a bullet proof option were wanted then deletions could be a marked for delete with the actual delete taking place 30 minutes later, but I think this would be overkill.

    This would certainly give great flexibility and remove any concerns over pressing the current 'clean-up'. Any supporters?


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    I can't believe this hasn't had any replies! Yes definitely, this is a glaring area for improvement. I've got 2tb of recordings I don't want. Cleaning them up is a nightmare. A simple selection system with an option to move\delete would be really welcome and long overdue.

    A massive +1 from me.

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