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November 25, 2006
Sweden Sweden
I need help with my wireless router. It is a netgear WPNT834 streaming wirelessly to a WPN121(USB adapter). My cpu is a P4 3.2GHz HT. When I stream wirelessly I have a CPU load of 80% and 40% on the two cores and the video is stuttering. Playing the same video over the wired lan gives a 1%CPU load. The video is 720p h264 and DXVA in MPCHC in wired streaming. From where does the exremely high CPU load during wireless streaming come??!! Am I missing a setting somewhere???


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April 2, 2006
Newcastle, Australia
The problem will be the fact that the wireless adapter is USB. All of the processing for the Wireless LAN needs to be done on the CPU of the PC, but for the Wired NIC, for both onboard or plugin (ie PCI), they will have their own processor. So for the wired LAN, the PC's CPU will offload the tasks associated with the network to the netword card.

To solve this, you either need to install a Wireless PCI card if you have a free slot, or, buy a wireless accept point that can act as a bridge and connect that via ethernet to your MP Server. That way, the task of wireless comms is offloaded from the PC.

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