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May 7, 2012
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Dear all,
I have a question. We are a small company that provide our customers "ready to use" Media Center based on MediaPortal Media Center.
In the last times we try to install MPE1 Plugins with our self-developed Windows update Service. To execute MPE1 file we use the following syntax .


WorldWeather169.mpe1 /S /U

Unfortunaly the MPE1 files will not installed from our Service other programm (Java runtime, Flash,PowerDVD, Firefox webbrowser and other software will install without problem.)

The Media Center whis our Windows update Service are "user account controlled" and have 2 active Windows user:

1. "User account" to use MediaPortal

2. Administration account which is only for maintaince works when our "Windows service" can not help.
(We use a Administration mode, not the Windows inbuild Administration User)

Now we have the following question:
1. Can someone ask us what the attached error means. The error will come when we perform a mpe1 file whis our windows service in a windows "prompt" mode.

2. Which "user account" is necassary to intall MediaPortal mpe1 installer Plugin whis a Windows service

3. Which " right" must the Windows Service have to installed Mediaportal mpe1 installer files correctly.

When I understand our developner correct actually our service have not a special account.

I hope someone can help use to find the problem.

best regards,

Robert Fuchs


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May 7, 2012
Germany Germany
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Hi Edalex thank you for your answer!
Your Service I will show my friend. I think a second service is actually to difficult to integrate. So I think maybe actually the best way to install plugin over oure available Service is a "zip" files installation.

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